Kitchen Design with Pets in Mind

Pet-Friendly Kitchen Design Ideas

Pet Friendly Kitchen Design - KBC Direct

For a kitchen that’s truly the “heart” and “hub” of the home, don’t forget Fluffy and Fido! With our kitchens acting so much like a “family room,” we like to create designs with your furry pals in mind.

Here are some great ideas to make your kitchen a warm and inviting space for family and pets alike.

Safety First

Pets can be very curious and love to explore. A good kitchen design can help keep them safe from daily hazards.

Here are a few safety tips:

  • Protect your cat’s paws from a hot stovetop with an induction hob or stove burner covers.
  • Prevent your dog from chewing through electrical cords with good cable management. Trunking is an excellent way to eliminate dangling wires and gives a neat, professional-looking finish to your décor.
  • Keep bins covered inside a cabinet to prevent pets from coming into contact with dangerous waste and foods.
  • Always check your washing machine and dryer for snoozing pets before operating.
  • Store all sharp objects such as knives and tools well out of reach.

Let your KBC Kitchen Designer know what type of pet you have and your concerns.

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Restoring A Patterson Park Landmark

Modern Kitchen Design in an Old ChurchWe have a wonderful post to share with you about the preservation and rehabilitation of a wonderful church on the edge of Patterson Park designed by Urban Design Group. It was in part a preservation as there was significant effort to retain the building’s form and character. It was also a rehabilitation as the interior was drastically altered to meet a new use—residential units.

To preserve the historic character of the neighborhood, the building’s façade remains unchanged. A lot of thought was given to how the interior would match other typical historical Patterson Park homes. So while the interior units provide beautiful modern living spaces, many pleasing features of the original church were preserved and integrated into the new design.

Throughout this restoration and rehabilitation modern features were integrated with care, blending new features well with the old.

Let’s go on a tour…

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