National Tape Measure Day

Did you know we have a National Tape Measure Day?

Every year on July 14th, we recognize this day. Some may think it is not essential, but think how valuable it is to have an easy-to-use tape measure. Consider the history of the tape measure–it is both obscure and amazing!

The first recorded use of a tape measure dates back to Roman times. We all know that the Romans were great builders, and to be good at building, you need to measure with precision. The Roman tape measure system was not quite what we use today, but it was a system that worked. Using marked strips of leather, the “tape measure” was born!

Jump ahead to 1868–July 14, 1868 to be exact. In 1868, Alvin Fellow of New Haven, Connecticut was granted a patent, which made the tape measure a universal tool for all sorts of tradespeople.

Carpenters, electricians, and tailors now have a handy way to make proper measurements, and we all benefit from their services. Yes, the world is a better place–a much more precise and efficient place–and we owe much of this to the tape measure.

Think about how your kitchen cabinet installation would go without a small accurate tape measure. Beware of the remodeler who shows up to install your kitchen cabinets and does not come equipped with a tape measure.

Seasoned designers know that accurate measurements are needed for the proper layout of your kitchen cabinets, appliances and every little detail that goes into creating your dream kitchen. You could say that Alvin Fellow’s patent of 1868 is fundamental to the implementation of your kitchen design.

The tape measure we know and love (but perhaps take for granted) now comes in a wide array of sizes, colors, and materials. You can find small tape measures that fit in the palm of your hand or large tape measures of over 100 feet. They are used countless times each day by contractors who install kitchen cabinets for an adoring public.

It is a simple item but widely used. Who does not have a tape measure in their home? What contractor does not have a tape measure in their toolbox? Don’t ever try to remodel your kitchen without one. The results may not be pretty.

At Kitchen & Bath Creations (KBC), we realize the value of properly measuring existing spaces and all items that will be part of the remodel. We can help you decide on the best location for all the essentials of your new kitchen.

The whole will be greater than the sum of its parts. This was a statement made by the philosopher Aristotle. He did not have a tape measure in mind when he made this observation. Still, he understood the value of synergy and relationship between items. Our design team at KBC know and value this.

It all comes back to the tape measure–we celebrate it every year!

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