Kitchen and Bathroom Accessories

In the same way jewelry adds a special touch to an outfit, accessories can help to round out a design, making it functional and useful in its purpose.

Kitchen Islands:  Beautiful, Functional Design Options

Kitchen and Bath Accessories - Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands are, by nature, fantastically functional specimens. They store stuff, they provide additional countertop workspace and seating, they hold baskets and the inherent oddly shaped items necessitated by cooking. They are powerful workhorses of a kitchen, often making the “actual” kitchen (meaning the cupboards and drawers and appliances around the perimeter of the space) fade into the background.

Well designed kitchen islands come in all shapes, sizes, materials, and colors and add beauty, function, and value to the heart of your home.

Decorative Hardware

Hardware Resources© offers a selection of interpretations of the most popular designs in the hardware industry with original designs to complement any style cabinet from modern to rustic to traditional. All their decorative hardware has been designed with a keen eye for trends and is offered in a large selection of lengths and finishes to fit your design needs.

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Top Knobs takes pride in their tradition of providing fine craftsmanship, innovative designs, and a wide variety of products from which to choose. Attention to detail ensures that their products look and feel individually made rather than mass-produced.

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Atlas Homewares

Since 1993, Atlas Homewares has been recognized by industry professionals and consumers as the go-to decorative hardware collection to bring fashion and style into a home. Atlas Homewares has been named numerous times as one of the Top 10 Preferred Decorative Hardware Brands by K BB Magazine.

Over the past 25+ years, Atlas Homewares has introduced many top-selling collections that are featured in showcase houses and high design installations, nationally and internationally. The brand’s impassioned designs are a collective expression of our team’s love for architecture and fashion. Inspiration can come from the texture of leather, a bauble, a piece of coral, elements that many would overlook. Yet our team turns these design details into decorative hardware that makes a difference in your kitchen design.

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Backsplash & Wall Tile

If your new space includes backsplash tile, MSI offers a wide variety of wall tile and backsplash tile to create the perfect kitchen backsplash, bathroom backsplash, shower or accent wall. The Collection includes Subway Tile, Glass Tile, Metal Tile, Ceramic Tile, and more. MSI’s line of materials, colors, and finishes come in a range of sizes and patterns – with trim pieces to finish the designer look.

Whether creating a one-of-a-kind tile backsplash treatment in the kitchen or bathroom, or remodeling floors, or showers with the latest ceramics, it’s never been easier to create an inspired look.

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