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  • Noel Dalton

    Noel Dalton

    Position: The Boss
    I’m the Boss but the client is always a bigger BOSS.

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  • John Lang

    John Lang

    Vice President, Business Development
    John joined KBC in 2009. Previously he spent
    40 years in sales, marketing, and management
    positions with some of the largest regional
    building material distributors in both the
    New York and Mid-Atlantic regions.

    John attributes his success throughout the years
    to the phenomenal relationships he’s built with
    his customers, suppliers, and employees.

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    KBC Direct - John Lang

  • Jeff Myers

    Jeff Myers

    Vice President and Owner
    Seeking to build long-term relationships with both clients and vendors,
    Jeff promises a totally professional experience while reaching a finished
    product that the client is happy with—AND within the established budget.

    Food For Thought: Jeff attended The Culinary Institute of America
    and boasts his recipe for Oysters Rockefeller is second to none!

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    KBC Direct - Jeff Myers


  • Lisa Altman

    Lisa Altman

    Lisa has 25 years of remodeling experience and enjoys assisting
    builders and remodelers in the design process. She has a degree
    in Applied Arts and maintains her professional development with
    continuing education programs and events designed to build on
    her skill set and knowledge of subject areas essential to the
    growth and success of the industry.

    Lisa is very detail oriented and focused on the end goal —
    Providing her clients with the kitchen or bath of their dreams.

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    KBC Designer - Lisa

  • Mary Ann Blyth

    Mary Ann Blyth

    Mary Ann Blyth is Columbia’s Showroom Sales & Design Consultant.
    She is always eager to create spaces that are filled with warmth,
    personality, and function. As someone who loves to cook, she
    understands the space from both an aesthetic and functional aspect.

    For the past five years, Mary Ann has been a Kitchen Designer–
    winning awards for both Customer Service and Top Performer for
    each of those years. She is also the winner of a prestigious
    National Kitchen of the Month Award.

    In addition to working in the kitchen and bath industry, Mary Ann
    has a history in interior design. She has a great eye for trends,
    colors, and keeping things timeless.

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    KBC Designer - Mary Ann

  • Shelly Chavis

    Shelly Chavis

    Shelly is dedicated to creating meaningful, well designed
    spaces. Pick up a local design magazine, and you just may
    see one of her beautiful kitchens or bathrooms featured.
    Shelly is very much in tune with her client’s needs and loves
    to watch their faces light up as their project is finally unveiled.

    Awards and Honors: Shelly’s 2012 Transitional Design
    won 1st place on HGTV’s Bang for your Buck!

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    KBC Designer - Shelly Chavis

  • Bob Clark

    Bob Clark

    Sr. Project Estimator/Coordinator
    Bob has spent the last 20 years serving the builder industry
    and earning their respect. He’s built a lot of strong relationships
    along the way, mainly by providing world class service. Over the
    years, he’s honed many skills (Designer/Estimator/Coordinator).

    Brand new to KBC, Bob is responsible for managing our multi-family
    projects from start to finish, ensuring that all materials and
    installers are on schedule for each job.

    Motto: “Treat your customer the way you would want to be treated.”

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    KBC Designer - Bob

  • Stephanie Clevenger

    Stephanie Clevenger

    As the daughter of an Interior Decorator,
    Stephanie was “destined” to create beautiful
    surroundings. She has a love for transitional
    design–collaborating traditional elements
    while still creating a modern look.

    As a seasoned designer with 13 years in the industry,
    Stephanie has a knack for detail, utilizing function,
    and considers her clients to be her biggest design inspiration.

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    KBC Designer - Stephanie

  • Cheryl Cutchin

    Cheryl Cutchin

    Account Manager
    Specializing in builder sales, Cheryl has a vast knowledge of the
    building industry and the overall mechanics of building a home.
    She’s been certified as a kitchen/bath designer for 27 years.

    Ultimate Goal: To meet each individual’s needs for style, function, and budget.

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    KBC Designer - Cheryl

  • Mike Downey

    Mike Downey

    Prior to getting into the kitchen design business, Mike was a building/
    remodeling contractor. He has more than 25 years of combined in-
    dustry experience and in depth knowledge of the remodeling process.
    He wants his clients to have realistic expectations of the entire process
    and helps them work within budget to achieve their dream project.

    Design Process: “I listen to the clients ‘wants’ and ‘needs’ and present a
    balanced design that’s both functional and aesthetically pleasing.”

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    KBC Designer - Mike Downey

  • Leslee Dziarnowski

    Leslee Dziarnowski

    Leslee enjoys combining her loves of creativity and organization into beautiful and functional
    designs. Equipped with a keen eye and knack for understanding her client’s vision, she creates
    personalized, attractive spaces. In 2004 she graduated Summa Cum Laude with a degree
    in Interior Design and has been designing detailed kitchen, bath, and other living areas ever since.

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    KBC Designer - Leslee

  • Craig Heinrich

    Craig Heinrich

    Craig has over 28 years of experience in the cabinetry
    industry. His current focus is working with builders and
    developers in the Washington, DC market. Craig stays
    up-to-date with current trends and manages to always provide
    his clients with the “Right Product at the Right Price.”

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    KBC Designer - Craig

  • Carol Paul

    Carol Paul

    Carol has been designing kitchens since 2007 and excels at cultivating relationships.

    She listens very carefully to all her clients wants and needs and pays
    attention to the smallest of details.

    We invite you to visit our Perry Hall Showroom.
    Carol can help you create a very budget-friendly Dream Kitchen!!!

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    KBC Designer - Carol

Client Care

  • Fran Alexander

    Fran Alexander

    Fran has enjoyed a long career in customer service,
    with the last 16 years being spent in Home Improvement.
    She is well versed in the kitchen cabinet industry and
    loves to do home projects.

    Some years ago, Fran installed her own kitchen.
    So when you speak with her about your kitchen cabinet
    order, just know you’re speaking with a PRO!

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    Kitchen and Bath Cabinets - Client Care Specialist

  • Nikki Boyer

    Nikki Boyer

    Nikki’s been taking care of KBC clients for the past 10 years
    and is a phenomenal problem solver. Having gutted and redesigned
    her own bathrooms, she understands the customer’s point of view
    and strives to make their remodeling experience a positive one.

    Favorite Tool: The Oh-So-Versatile Putty Knife

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    Kitchen and Bath Cabinets - Client Care Specialist

  • Wendy Goodnite

    Wendy Goodnite

    Wendy decided 2020 was her year to make a change,
    and we are happy to have her here at KBC. She has had
    a rewarding career in customer service, primarily because
    she likes helping people.

    Wendy is enjoying learning the cabinet industry
    and looks forward to a rewarding career with KBC.

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    Kitchen and Bath Cabinets - Client Care Specialist

  • Betsy Haines

    Betsy Haines

    Betsy is a well seasoned Client Care Specialist with over 14 years of
    experience with kitchen and bath cabinetry. During her tenure with
    KBC, she’s been involved with everything from customer service, to
    purchasing, and even installations. Needless to say, she understands
    how the process works and the need to have the job completed in a
    timely manner.

    Food For Thought: Prior to joining us, Betsy spent many years in the
    food industry satisfying her first love and perfecting her culinary skills.
    Come visit our showroom; you just may walk out with a tasty treat!

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  • Haley McHenry

    Haley McHenry

    Haley is driven to succeed in providing the best customer service
    possible, while also coordinating deliveries to retail and non-
    retail clients. She partners with our warehouse team to make sure our
    delivery schedule is organized for accurate and timely delivery.
    Haley has worked in the customer service industry for the last
    seven years and strives to make your experience with KBC enjoyable.

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    Kitchen and Bath Cabinets - Client Care Specialist

  • Brendon Ratigan

    Brendon Ratigan

    Brendon is the newest member of our Client Care Team.
    He spent the last four years serving customers in
    both the retail and hospitality industry and has learned
    a lot about people! He thoroughly enjoys working
    through challenging situations to meet the client’s needs
    and is looking forward to a rewarding career with KBC.

    Brendon holds an A.A.S. in Intelligence Analytics,
    Homeland Security Management.

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    Kitchen and Bath Cabinets - Client Care Specialist

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