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Attention to detail and quality is our first priority for your kitchen cabinetry. We work with some of the highest-quality custom cabinet manufacturers in the country to create the perfect kitchen remodel. Here are some of the cabinetry brands we offer and their features.


Aristokraft is a subsidiary of MasterBrand Cabinets and one of the most trusted brands in the industry. Take advantage of nearly 70 years of craftsmanship, attention to detail, and affordable prices. They make everyday living easy with good-looking door styles, curated colors, and the top requested cabinet accessories.

As a certified member of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturers Association’s (KCMA) Environmental Stewardship Program, Aristokraft demonstrates an ongoing commitment to sustainability. By achieving this certification, Aristokraft goes beyond minimum industry requirements and demonstrates leadership in a growing area of concern and importance.

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Decorá Cabinetry

Decora Cabinets

Decorá Cabinetry is a subsidiary of MasterBrand Cabinets, Inc., an industry-leading cabinet manufacturer comprising several quality cabinet brands. Since 1926, MasterBrand Cabinets has earned its reputation as America’s Cabinetmaker, and Decorá has contributed significantly to this achievement.

Decorá cabinets are distinguished by exquisite detail and a passion for excellence.

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Fieldstone Cabinetry

Fieldstone Cabinetry takes the utmost pride in the cabinetry they build. Their reputation is built on quality craftsmanship, innovative styles, and flexible designs. Each custom cabinet is made in America’s heartland and handcrafted by dedicated employees who believe in doing their best. 

Handcrafted construction relies on the hand and eye precision of Fieldstone Cabinetry’s craftsmen. Industrial equipment can’t replicate their personal touch. All doors are assembled by hand, sanded by hand, glazed by hand, and distressed by hand.

It’s easy to see the beauty and attention to detail on the exterior of your new cabinets, and what you don’t see counts too! Fieldstone Cabinetry believes in quality details inside and out.  

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Koch Cabinets

Koch and Company are committed to delivering quality, hand-crafted kitchen cabinets. Their doors and cabinets are proudly made in America, supplying jobs to American workers.

Koch and Company turn positive first impressions into lasting ones by building kitchen cabinets to stand the test of time. All of their products are built by skilled craftsmen, using modern equipment, who are dedicated to making the finest cabinetry produced in America. The process begins with the selection of the finest hardwoods and plain-cut veneers.

Koch Cabinets is proud to have earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship, service, and dedication to providing cabinetry that has both beauty and strength. The attention to detail, the high quality of the woods and veneers, and the professional finishing produce cabinetry that is built like fine furniture.

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Legacy Cabinets

Legacy invites you to start a tasteful tradition with cabinets that artfully combine quality and efficiency. Set the tone for a beautiful space certain to become the warm heart of your home, a room where both cooking and congregating are a pleasure. The look you want is easy to achieve between Legacy’s Advantage, Debut, Milan, and Presidential series.

Advantage Series:  Good entry-level products are available in dozens of combinations of styles and finishes in today’s hottest looks.

Debut Series:  Better grade product available in hundreds of combinations of species, styling, and finishes built in three construction series–Select, Estate, and Executive.

Milan Series:  European full-access contemporary styling in both a slab or shaker style in dozens of today’s hottest textured melamine finishes as well as smooth gloss and high gloss.

Presidential:  All wood high-quality cabinetry featuring a furniture grade #15 sheen finish. Available in hundreds of combinations of wood species, styling, and finish options. Will manufacture any specialized component not shown in their standard specifications.

Legacy’s professional craftsmen create and construct the cabinets in their state-of-the-art facility using top techniques and building materials. 

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Mantra Omni Graphite and Snow-Kitchen Cabinets

We live in a fast-paced and budget-conscious environment. Mantra Cabinets offer clients quality products with all the upgrades built in. Mantra provides a reliable service with the goal to exceed your expectations.

We know you expect on-time delivery for your projects and we always seek to be creative and innovative to meet your deadlines. You can trust we will deliver because we are backed by the largest and most trusted cabinet company in the U.S. – MasterBrand Cabinets®.

Both installers and homeowners are satisfied with the quality and affordability of Mantra cabinets. Mantra cabinets work well in everything from Kitchens and Bathrooms to Offices and Laundry room cabinets.

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Midland a Division of Koch Cabinets

Midland Cabinets is a division of Koch Cabinets. Midland has designed and built the full complement of kitchen styles–from contemporary, transitional, and traditional, to complex individualized designs.

Midland Cabinets is proud to have earned a reputation for quality craftsmanship, service, and dedication to providing cabinetry that has both beauty and strength. The attention to detail, the high quality of the woods and veneers, and the professional finishing produce cabinetry that is like fine furniture.

Built with value in mind, Midland Cabinetry is an ideal choice for condos, townhomes, rental properties, and fix-n-flips.

Plain & Fancy Custom Cabinetry

Plain & Fancy founder John Achey’s hobby was making cabinets. They were handcrafted, hand-rubbed, extraordinarily handsome cabinets. In 1968, his “hobby” turned into the pursuit of a dream when he and his family began building cabinetry in their Richland, Pennsylvania garage. This is when Plain & Fancy was born.

In 2008, Plain & Fancy’s artisan-rendered hand finishing was blended with state-of-the-art finishing technology to create a flawless finish you have to see to believe.

Plain & Fancy continues to be run and owned by the Achey family today. The KBC family is proud to offer this quality custom cabinetry to our community.  

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Showplace Wood Products

Showplace has gone from a standing start to a major national brand in just a few years. That’s because many customers like the Showplace mix of quality, flexibility, and price. Showplace production has gone from 50 cabinets daily in early 2000 to nearly 800 per day just a few years later. Showplace offers design flexibility, product quality, expressive creative options, and honest real-world value.

Each cabinet is a product of the pride and personal attention of a company where every employee is an owner. 

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Outdoor Kitchen Cabinetry

Open Air Cabinetry

Open Air Cabinetry provides high-quality outdoor kitchen cabinets designed to withstand any weather condition. Made from from sustainable marine-grade polymer, Open Air Cabinetry is available in a variety of color choices, allowing you to configure and style your cabinets to meet your unique tastes. 

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