Lawn Signs Provide Marketing Value

For Professional Kitchen Installers

A professional contractor lawn sign provides a high return on investment. This is true even though people choose to spot, compare, and buy products and services online. With sophisticated cameras on their smartphones, it is really easy for potential clients to go for a walk in their own neighborhoods, take a photo of the yard signs advertising goods or services that may interest them, and store the contact information they need to reach the contractor with ease.

Also, when your customers agree to place your contractor sign in their front yards, they are basically giving you a vote of approval. It is like a positive review or testimonial.

Yard Signs Work Because They Are . . .Professional Kitchen Installers - Lawn Signs Provide Valuable Exposure

  • Durable. KBC yard signs are made of corrugated plastic with metal prongs. They are highly resistant to wind, rain, and snow and can be used year-round.
  • Affordable. Yard signs are a cost-effective way to get a message out to a wide audience. The simple design and common materials make them easy to produce, which translates to affordability. Plus KBC helps with both the design and the purchase! When your client chooses KBC to design their dream kitchen, we will provide you with a lawn sign with your company logo.
  • Space-Saving. Since these signs are flat, they can be easily transported in a car trunk, behind the seat in your truck, or stored flat in your garage or basement when not being used.
  • Easy Set-up and Take-down. The lightweight, push-in, pull-out design of these signs make them one of the easiest signs for you to set up.
  • Reusable.  Your contractor sign can be used over and over again. The worst thing that can happen to your sign is for a homeowner to toss it out with the recycling. Pre-order your KBC yard sign before the job begins, and remember to take it with you to use on your next one.

Exposure, Repetition, Referrals

Yard signs are a proven way of optimizing your opportunity within any community. Many contractors have realized so much referral business from professional yard signs that they have spent years working in a single community. Your prospects will tell you:

“I’ve called you because I see your signs often right in my neighborhood. You must be really good!”

Therefore, as a professional kitchen installation contractor, do not miss out on yet another opportunity to work with KBC. Together, we can design a creative, effective yard sign for you. This will help you establish yourself as a reliable contractor in your area and boost your bottom line.

You can count on the support of KBC to increase your company’s visibility.

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