Kitchen Measurement Guide


Draw an outline of the walls of your kitchen. Don’t worry about the doors, windows and other openings for now. Pick a corner as your starting point and mark it “Start.”

  1. Measure each wall from corner to corner. Measure to the ¼”. Note the measurement in inches on your drawing. (Your designer will verify your measurements when we have a finished design.)
  2. Draw in the doors and openings and windows (from outside of molding to outside of molding.)
  3. Measure from your starting point to the outside of the trim of
    your first opening. Note the measurement. Measure from the outside of the trim to the outside of the trim of that first opening. Note the measurement.

Now check yourself.  The sum of the measurements in C should equal the total wall measurement in A.  If they are not equal, you should re-measure.

  • From the corner, measure and note the center lines (CL) of your existing sink and range.
  • Measure the floor to ceiling height.  Enter on the diagram below.  Measure the height and depth of any soffit.
  • Measure the height above floor, the height of each window (trim to trim) and width of each window (trim to trim).

Kitchen Measurement Guide

Kitchen Measurement Guide - Part 2

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