Kitchen Design – Countertop Considerations

Countertop Considerations

Kitchen Design and Remodeling

kitchen-countertop-materials-1e1bThe countertop is a critical component of kitchen design. At KBC we design so that the countertop helps to tie the room together, even if it’s not the actual focal point. In terms of performance, the countertop surface often gets a great deal of use. It may even take a beating every day. Dropped pots, hot pans, or sharp knives can take their toll.

The modern trend is for gray, neutral hues in the kitchen, but there are a great many options. If you’re working on a new kitchen design or perhaps a kitchen remodel here are some ideas for you to consider. Below we present our list of 10 countertop materials. We look forward to learning about your plans and ideas for your new kitchen and can recommend a materials that is durable, spectacular to look at, and that fits your lifestyle.

The result will be good looks with the promise of durable performance.

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Kitchen Design and Remodeling

Kitchen Lighting

Color Is How You Light It

Kitchen Design and Kitchen Lighting
If you have embarked on a kitchen remodel, it’s most likely not just a passing fancy but an endeavor that has been years in the making. You’ve done your research, interviewed designers, and you may have even looked at hundreds, if not thousands, of photos of beautiful kitchens. Here’s something you may not have considered … How will you work color and lighting into your kitchen design?

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Oysters Rockefeller

Oysters Rockefeller - a recipe from Kitchen & Bath CreationsDirect From the KBC Kitchen

History of Oysters Rockefeller

There is a bit of controversy over the original recipe for Oysters Rockefeller. What we do know is that it was invented by Jules Alciatore. He was the second-generation proprietor of Antoine’s restaurant in New Orleans. What we don’t know, however, is what exactly went into the original dish—just that there was a wealth of bright green herbs. We know also that it got its name from the fact that it was “green” (like money) and “rich” with flavor, which suggested wealth—like John D. Rockefeller himself.

In today’s recipes, we find a host of impostors that received their inspiration from the original Oysters Rockefeller recipe. These recipes may have ingredients that mask oysters in Parmesan cheese, parading around with pale artichoke hearts, or cavorting with anchovy paste.

Here is our favorite recipe for Oysters Rockefeller from one of KBC’s founders, Jeff Myers.

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