Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Where Beauty & Function Merge

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Since the 1970s, the number of homes with not only one bathroom, but two, three, or more, have increased more than 30 percent, according to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development.

We’ve even categorized and named our bathrooms–powder room, guest bathroom, primary bathroom, master bathroom, and so on.

We want our powder room to sparkle so that our guests feel good when using it. We want our primary bathroom, which usually doubles as a guest bathroom, to be functional. And we want our master bathroom to be both a “functional” and “feel-good” space.

Functional Bathroom Spaces

A functional bathroom is free of clutter, and the best way to achieve this is with proper storage. If you’re dealing with a bathroom with limited storage, you know how frustrating it is. Sure, it has its initial charm. But having to schlep your hairdryer back and forth from the bedroom every day can be annoying.

For your primary bath–the one that sees all the real action–we suggest adding cabinetry. Cabinets typically used in other areas of the home can be used to beautify and organize your bathroom. The possibilities are endless.

Feel Good Bathroom Spaces

For many homeowners, the master bathroom has become a spa-like retreat. After a busy day, we want to retire to a relaxing and comfortable place. When we wake up, we want a stress-free morning routine that saves us time.

Check out these cabinet ideas to help transform your bathroom into a relaxing, organized, and efficient space.*

Cabinet Idea 1

Wire basket rollouts are perfect for bath cabinets. Install a rollout to the cabinet bottom or a fixed shelf to bring items within easy reach.

Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas

Cabinet Idea 2

A door-mounted spice rack, which is not just for the kitchen, can keep bottles of beauty products and spray cans tidy when used in a bathroom vanity.

Cabinet Idea 3

Cutlery Drawer Organizer Used In Bathroom

Cutlery drawer organizers, another item often found in the kitchen, can double as dividers for makeup, brushes, combs, toothbrushes, toothpaste, toiletries, and more.

Cabinet Idea 4

Spice Tray Used In Bathroom Cabinet Drawer

The spice tray insert in a bathroom drawer can keep bottles, brushes, and tubes from rolling around and allows you to easily see what’s there–perfect!

Cabinet Idea 5

Waste Paper Basket Base Cabinet Pullout

Every bathroom needs a place to dispose of a tissue or a cotton ball. This is necessary, but best kept out of sight.

Doesn’t this waste paper basket pullout work well!

Cabinet Ideas 6 & 7

Bathroom Storage

An over-the-door towel rack is perfect for damp cloths and towels. Hidden inside a cabinet–even better!

Keep cleaning supplies or large bottles of beauty products easily accessible with the cleaning supply caddy. Every bathroom needs this type of storage.

Cabinet Idea 8

Vanity base pullouts are great for narrow bathroom cabinets. Made of high-quality wood and built not to “wiggle,” these pullouts are designed to keep you organized with everything just where you need it.
Creative Bathroom Storage Ideas
Base Cabinet Pullout

This cabinet base pullout (A) features fixed top and bottom shelves and one adjustable middle shelf. The Middle and bottom shelves feature chrome rails to keep items secure.

Cabinet Pullout - Tray Insert

An optional accessory insert (B) maximizes storage. The acrylic tray insert is perfect for nail polish, makeup, or other small items.

It is removable so that it can be set on the countertop for even easier access.

A grooming insert - efficient and effective bathroom storage

We mentioned above how important it is for your curling iron and hairdryer to be ready and waiting. Here is a wonderful and creative bathroom storage idea.

Use a “grooming insert” (C) to store hairdryers, curling irons, and other hair appliances. My goodness–so handy, and so nicely organized!

Well, there you have it—your beautiful, new bathroom with plenty of storage and no clutter. Pinch me; I must be dreaming!

At KBC, we have a wide and varied experience with all sorts of cabinetry. To learn about how we can add just the right touches to your bathroom, give us a call or stop by one of our three showrooms. We have design centers in Annapolis, Columbia, and Perry Hall.

* All cabinet ideas are available through Hardware Resources.

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