Microwave Cabinet Ideas for Your Dream Kitchen

Five Ways to Hide Your Microwave

Does your dream kitchen include a microwave as a focal point? Probably not! Do you enjoy the convenience a microwave provides? Most homeowners do and in fact would consider it an absolute necessity. So how do we fit this necessary tool into your dream kitchen?

If you are adding an island to your new kitchen, consider having your microwave built into your island. A built-in appliance not only creates easy access but a beautiful design aesthetic.

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Kitchen Countertop Materials

Granite vs. Quartz–KBC Weighs In

The countertop selection is an integral part of your kitchen design. The materials, colors, and patterns need to blend with the cabinets, flooring, and appliances. Moreover, a great deal of kitchen activity happens right on the countertops.

While there are many countertop options out there, this blog post will discuss the two most popular in kitchens today—granite and quartz.

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