Frameless Kitchen Cabinets

Frameless Cabinets for a Clean, Modern Look

Contemplating your new kitchen is a great deal of fun. It is even more fun today, as we are now gaining inspiration for kitchen design from European designers. As part of the Euro-style invasion of America, cabinets with sleek, smooth fronts made from laminates, glass, or metal became popular—all of which require frameless construction. 

Framleless - Kitchen Design

ShowplaceEVO Kitchen Design by KBC’s Leslee Tucker

Frameless cabinet construction, or full access, is a style originally known mostly in Europe. This style of cabinetry does not need a face frame, which means that the doors and drawers are attached directly to the sides of the cabinet box. It is now a popular choice for homeowners in the USA looking for a sleek and seamless design in their kitchen because it creates a clean and streamlined look that is perfect for contemporary tastes and minimalist kitchens.

There are many benefits to choosing frameless kitchen cabinetry.

We will summarize just a few.

More Storage Space

One of the main advantages is that it provides more storage space compared to traditional cabinets with face frames (up to 15% more). Because there is no frame taking up space around the doors and drawers, you can maximize the storage capacity of the cabinet. This is especially beneficial in smaller kitchens where every inch of storage space counts.

Smooth, Modern Look

Frameless Cabinets
ShowplaceEVO Duet Door Style

In addition to increased storage space, frameless kitchen cabinetry offers a seamless and smooth appearance. Without the visible face frame, the doors and drawers will be flush throughout the kitchen, creating a sleek and uninterrupted aesthetic. This makes frameless cabinets a great choice for homeowners who value clean lines and a minimalist design in their kitchen.

Increased Accessibility

Another advantage of frameless cabinetry is that it is more accessible and easier to clean compared to cabinets with face frames. The absence of a face frame means no crevices or grooves for dirt and grime to collect. This makes cleaning the cabinets a breeze and ensures that they stay looking fresh and new for longer.

Shelves Easy to Mount and Open Shelves Possible

Because frameless shelves have no frames to form lips around the cabinet openings, the doors can be omitted entirely to provide open-shelf storage, and because there is no center stile interrupting the space covered by double cabinet doors, you can slide shelves straight into the open cabinets. For this reason, frameless cabinets are also known as full-access cabinets.

ShowplaceEVO—Ginger Floating Shelf in Textured Melamine

When it comes to customization, frameless kitchen cabinetry offers a wide range of options. You can choose from various materials, finishes, and styles to suit your taste and kitchen design. Whether you prefer a sleek and glossy look or a more natural and rustic feel, there is a frameless cabinet style for you.

In conclusion, frameless kitchen cabinetry is a sleek and modern option that offers increased storage space, a seamless appearance, easy cleaning, and a wide range of customization options. If you want to upgrade your kitchen and create a contemporary and minimalist design, frameless cabinets are worth considering.


Showplace Cabinetry is an American-owned manufacturing company building cabinets in the USA. ShowplaceEVO doors and drawer heads are available ONLY on a frameless (full access) cabinet box. KBC is very pleased to offer ShowplaceEVO as our preferred frameless cabinet line, as each EVO cabinet is crafted to very tight specifications.

ShowplaceEVO is a valuable cabinet maker for KBC because of its excellent customer service, dedication to quality, and commitment to sustainability. Being an employee-owned brand, everyone at Showplace works hard and effectively to bring you the best possible cabinets to help make your dream a reality. Kitchen cabinets made by a company where everyone is the owner drive a high standard of quality, and there is a keen focus on complete customer satisfaction.

In the final measure, ShowplaceEVO frameless cabinets may be the perfect choice for any room seeking a modern, contemporary look. The functional advantages, such as more storage and better accessibility, are notable, but the sleek style statement made by these Euro-style cabinets has put them on the map. What has given them staying power in kitchen design is their style flexibility.

Thanks to the versatility of their door styles, designers can use frameless cabinets in vintage, contemporary, industrial, traditional, and transitional kitchen styles, from shakers to raised panels. All the above door styles work nicely with a frameless cabinet construction!

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Frameless Kitchen Cabinets - Showplace EVO by KBC

ShowplaceEVO Kitchen Design by KBC’s Leslee Tucker

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