Kitchen Design with Appliances of Your Choice

Can you design my kitchen with the appliances of my choice?

Can you design my kitchen with the appliances of my choice

This is a question that is sometimes asked when we first start working with a new client on a kitchen design project. The answer is a resounding “of course!” We want your entire kitchen to be exactly what you want, and we will help you to bring it all together.

The Selection of Kitchen Appliances

Selection of kitchen appliances is a fun activity, but it can also be a bit daunting. Today, there is a wonderful variety—an abundance of options for kitchen appliances.

These include:

  • Styles & Sizes
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Technology
  • Let’s also not forget to get everything to work with your budget!

The task of selecting the best appliances for your new or remodeled kitchen needs a level of expertise and some research. Then the selection of your appliance must be integrated into the design of your new kitchen.

Most importantly, the selection of appliances and the design of the kitchen must meet your budgetary guidelines.

Your Kitchen Design Plan

Your starting point should be to develop and define a plan. We can help you to evaluate your needs and set the goals for your new kitchen. Once your plan has been defined, we can help you create a realistic appliance-purchasing strategy.

Your Layout

The layout will define the flexibility you have as well as any constraints. Perhaps you will use your existing kitchen layout and simply replace the kitchen cabinets and appliances. Or, you may wish to design a new layout. This could involve new locations for doors, windows, and wall placement and configurations. If doors, windows, and walls will be moved then perhaps new plumbing, electrical outlets, and lighting need to be part of your kitchen remodeling plan.

Your project may be to create your dream kitchen as part of a new construction project. This type of project may be the most flexible, as you are starting from a blank space that will be designed and created for the first time.

The layout of your kitchen will have a great deal to say about the appliances you’ll need to purchase. As part of the layout planning, consider how your kitchen will be used. Consider the flow of traffic while in the kitchen, coming into the kitchen, leaving it, and moving through your kitchen.

The kitchen traffic and workflow need to function perfectly with adjoining rooms and spaces. Architectural or structural constraints need to be understood and planned for. We can help you with kitchen layout guidance and insights to maximize the use of space in an around the kitchen. The layout you choose can either enhance or limit the type and size of appliances that can be accommodated.

Your Budget

The budget you establish for your new kitchen will greatly influence the appliances you select. Your budget needs to be realistic for the size and scope of your project.

Pro Tip:  Be sure you prioritize your budget and kitchen function over aesthetics. For example, you may desire the look of commercial-style appliances. However, commercial-sized appliances may not be properly proportioned for your kitchen layout. You may achieve the look you want but end up exceeding your budget for structural modifications that you did not anticipate.

Function and Lifestyle

When planning for your new kitchen, you will also want to take into consideration your family’s lifestyle and design your kitchen around the way you live and entertain. Be sure to make notes on not only how you currently use your kitchen but also how you might like to use it in the future.

For example, here are some special appliances that could be designed into your new kitchen.

Appliances such as:

  • A warming drawer
  • Ice maker
  • Wine refrigerator
  • Speed oven
  • High capacity oven
  • Indoor grill with hood

Each of these special appliances provides either convenience or distinct functionality (or both). Draft a wish list of appliances, and this will help the planning process and improve the result.

Whether you work on your own to design your new kitchen or you decide to work with a professional kitchen designer, we recommend that you visit retailers or showrooms for product demonstrations. There is no substitute for using the appliances or seeing them used to determine if they will be a good fit for you, your kitchen, and your budget.

Here is an example of a small detail that may be big. The space available for your kitchen is large and you desire multiple wall-mounted ovens. Your stovetop is near the sink, built-in spice rack, and refrigerator. The stovetop is not very near the place you want to locate the wall-mounted ovens. In this case, you may want to consider ovens with larger time and temperature displays so that you can easily see them from the stove top (the place you spend most of your time).

Appliances have knobs, buttons, displays and other tactical features. Some you may like and others not so much. Visiting a showroom will help you to decide on the appliance details that make a difference to you.

Your KBC Kitchen Designer can help you make decisions on appliances and can recommend showrooms for you to visit.

Style and Finishes

Now you have established your appliance budget and functional requirements. It is now time to select the style and finishes that complement your kitchen design.

If you are designing a luxury kitchen then a good choice for a finish is stainless steel. A stainless steel appliance will be long-lasting, durable, and look great. Another luxury trend is integrating appliances with kitchen cabinetry using custom panels. This involves having your kitchen designer work directly with the cabinet maker to match the storage cabinets with the custom panels for the appliances.

A kitchen designer who knows that cabinet maker well can best facilitate this process. Kitchen & Bath Creations has an intimate knowledge of high-quality cabinet makers. We have good relationships with our cabinet vendors and can make sure that all custom panels are done properly for the appliances selected for your kitchen.

Pro Tip:  An advantage of selecting higher-end appliances is that they are often designed with classic lines that coordinate with a variety of kitchen styles and kitchen cabinets.

When selecting appliances, you will also want to consider how their handles, knobs, touchscreens, or illumination add to the overall look you want.

Be Knowledgeable or Work with Someone Who Is

When you buy appliances, choose your retailer wisely. The sales representative needs to be familiar with the unique product features. The retailer needs to offer multiple brands to provide you with the proper options. Moreover, a knowledgeable retailer can highlight any special installation requirements unique to a specific appliance or brand.

Appliance knowledge should also extend to knowledge about manufacture sales, closeout discounts or rebates. Combining a sale with a closeout and rebate could save you quite a bit of money, and close-out appliances may integrate perfectly with the design of your new kitchen.

Appliance Efficiency

You may want to consider Energy Star rated appliances to increase home energy efficiency. Not only will you save money you will reduce your impact on our environment.

Are Two Appliances Better than One?

Sometimes it makes a great deal of sense to have two of a given appliance.

  • Two ovens can help if you entertain larger groups or have a large family.
  • You could have two dishwashers; one main dishwasher and one dedicated to the wet bar.
  • If you are a wine enthusiast, then you may enjoy a second refrigerator for wine.

Kitchen Venting

An appliance often overlooked is the kitchen vent. A properly integrated ventilation system not only removes steam, heat, and odors from your kitchen but also keeps your cabinets and appliances clean and grease-free.

One of the key features to look for in a ventilation system is the fan’s airflow capability. Cubic feet per minute (CFM) defines airflow. For proper venting, we recommend an air flow rate of 1 CFM per 100 BTUs of the heat output of your range or cooktop. For example, if your total cooktop output is 60,000 BTUs, you should consider a hood with an air flow rate of 600 CFM.

Can you design my kitchen with the appliances of my choice?

Your design needs to also consider the type of cooking you do. For example, if your cooking appliances are of a light duty nature such as ovens, steamers, and ranges, then a standard venting airflow may be all you need. If you have an indoor grill which results in more smoke, then venting for this needs to be part of the design.

A ventilation hood can also have lighting, warming lamps, or built-in utensil racks that can increase its functionality in your kitchen.

To work best, a ventilation hood should duct to the outside.

Appliance Selection—The Answer

The answer to the question—“Can you design my kitchen with the appliances of my choice?” is an unequivocal yes. Kitchen & Bath Creations can help you with your kitchen design, including support with appliance selection.

The appliances need to support the functions you need and want and mesh properly with your kitchen cabinets. Give us a call or stop by one of our showrooms. We are here to help you design and create the best kitchen for you and your family.

Gary Horsman

Gary is a consultant for KBC. He enjoys working in the kitchen whether it is cooking up a New Orlean's style Gumbo or a spicy curry. Socializing in his home is often centered around the kitchen as this highly social room is between the deck - also used for entertaining - and the dining room.

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