The Epic Walk-In Closet

I recently watched an episode of The Home Edit where Reese Witherspoon’s closet was transformed into a luxurious space that showcased memorabilia from her hit movies and gowns she wore at various award shows. I loved, loved, loved that show!

Let’s face it though, most of us don’t own an array of designer gowns with matching Jimmy Choo Shoes.

But as we all spend more time at home, we have been faced with the ever-increasing need to declutter and organize our spaces.

One area that is prime for attention is the master bedroom walk-in closet, where behind closed doors, it is easy to let neatness slip.

At Kitchen & Bath Creations (KBC), we use beautiful cabinetry to design dream kitchens. When most people think about beautiful cabinets, customized shelving and drawers, personalized storage, and work surfaces, they automatically think about the kitchen. But many of those great features can also take your walk-in closet to the next level.

In this blog, we explore ten design elements that your closet can benefit from. In fact, we can help you design an epic walk-in closet that even Reese Witherspoon would love!

Ten Kitchen Elements You Also Need for Your “Epic” Walk-in Closet

  • A Theme
  • Cabinetry
  • Island
  • Pullouts
  • Lazy Susan
  • Lighting
  • Seating
  • Display Shelves
  • Mirrors
  • Hidden Features and Other Conveniences

Set the Mood

Some people set the mood in their home by creating a theme. Each room follows the same theme creating a coherency throughout. The closet theme could continue on with the master bedroom theme, featuring similar materials, colors, and furniture styles. Or you might give it its own theme. Design it to resemble a boutique dressing room or to coincide with Pantone’s Color of the Year.

In general, closets appear to be spaces where more homeowners feel comfortable taking risks. So set the mood for your closet and have some fun! Whether that means a playful wallpaper pattern, bold colors, a statement rug, or a vintage mannequin, you decide. After all, the theme is a perfect way to reflect your personality and style.

Custom Cabinetry

Do not underestimate the value of adding cabinetry to your closet. Standard cabinets can provide easy storage—particularly for rotating winter and summer clothes, shoes and boots. Custom cabinetry, on the other hand are great for storing and organizing specific things you own—like hats, ties, jewelry, and accessories.

Include a Center Island

Imagine you have a large walk-in dressing area. Consider adding an island to boost its functionality. Just as with a kitchen island, a closet island provides a flat surface to work on and additional storage.

An island is perfect as an accessories station, providing dedicated storage for tiny items as well as close-up mirrors for jewelry and makeup application. It also should have power for charging phones, smart watches, or other small electronics.

Rethink Your Shelves

Just like in the kitchen, drawers and shelves can become stuffed full in the closet. The fuller they get, the more likely it is that some of your things will end up buried in the back, never to be found again. Pull-out accessories help you easily organize, access, and rotate items throughout your wardrobe.

Modern cabinetry systems include pull-outs in any shape you want, providing excellent storage for shoes, jewelry, earrings, scarves, and lingerie. These drawers or shelves boost storage capacity because they contribute to better utilization of your closet.

A Lazy Susan Makes Everything a Little Bit Easier

Epic Walkin Closet - Lazy Susan Organizer

Lazy Susans rotate around, allowing easy access to things stored on all sides of an organizer or shelf. They are often utilized in the kitchen for small items like office supplies, utensils, or spices.

Use them in a closet as an ingenious way to keep your shoes, necklaces, cufflinks, ties, earrings, or bracelets organized while still being able to see everything clearly. Larger multi-level Lazy Susan’s inside corner cabinets help make the best use of your entire epic closet space.

Light the Way

The right closet lighting system will illuminate your wardrobe and make your life easier. It can also highlight an area in your closet as a focal point, set a mood, improve brightness, showcase beautiful displays, and highlight accessories.

There are many choices when it comes to lighting, but ultimately the size and shape of your closet will determine the kind of lighting that best suits your wardrobe space.

The most common types of lighting used in closets are strip lighting, recessed lighting (with dimmers), and track lighting. For really eye-catching yet functional lighting, consider a beautiful chandelier that fits in with your overall theme.

Have a Seat

An elegant ottoman, chair, or small sofa suggests dignified luxury. It is also a practical place for putting on or taking off stockings and shoes. You can even use it to spread out outfits for the next day. If you change your mind, open that ottoman and store it away!

Decorate With Shoes

Opt for built-in shelving so your favorite shoes can double as décor. Why on earth would you hide those fashionable boots under hanging rods? By all means, show them off!

If you have tons of shoes and boots, go ahead and dedicate an entire wall. If space is an issue, consider pullout shelves with double racks to store pairs of shoes two deep. Group like pairs together with regularly worn pairs at an easily reachable height—eye level or slightly lower.

Add a Mirror to the Mix

A dressing room mirror is a luxury rooted in practicality. After all, looking at your reflection in the mirror is part of the dressing process. You can opt for a decorative statement piece, mirror-covered cabinets, a full-length mirror, or even outfit your closet with its own vanity. Whatever your choice, mirrors reflect light and can make your closet feel more spacious.

Tip: Whatever a mirror reflects will be doubled—good or bad. Place mirrors so that they show the best aspects of a room.

Hidden Features and Other Conveniences

Granted, your epic walk-in closet was created to be a showpiece; but some things were meant to be tucked away. KBC designers can integrate hidden panels or compartments to cleverly store your safe, laundry hamper, ironing board, drying rack, step stool, and so much more.

Create a walk-in that’s geared toward your style and your needs. If you find your button-ups often need a quick iron, consider adding a pull-out ironing board to your space. If you’re on the shorter side, include wardrobe rods that can be pulled down from any height. Want a safe space for your jewelry or other valuables? We can add a lock feature to drawers, too.

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