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The Advantages of Using a Kitchen Designer

What are the advantages of using a Kitchen Designer?

Kitchen Design

Kitchens have evolved from being a simple place to prepare meals to being the centerpiece of a home. This evolution has happened over decades. Now rather than just a background operation, today’s kitchen is a place to socialize and connect while both preparing and enjoying the meal. The modern kitchen is now both highly functional and beautiful.

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Kitchen Sink Selection

Selecting A Kitchen Sink

Selecting a Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Design

Every kitchen needs a sink and faucet—some may need two!

When selecting a kitchen sink for your new kitchen it is essential to select a sink and faucet that will work well, look great, and withstand years of daily use.

Your kitchen sink may be the hardest working fixture in your kitchen. Pause for a moment and think about how many times per day you use your current sink. Compare that to the number of times you use your oven or the microwave.

With the kitchen’s evolution into the home’s multi-functional hub of activity, sinks have had to keep up as well. The result is a vast array of wonderful choices involving everything from sink materials to sink bowl configuration.

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Can I Get a Better Deal on Kitchen Cabinets at the Big-Box Stores?

Dedicated Kitchen Design Shop or Big Box Store?

Can I Get a Better Deal on Kitchen Cabinets at the Big-Box Stores?

Can I Get a Better Deal on Kitchen Cabinets at the Big-Box Stores?

A well-thought-out kitchen design is essential to achieving an excellent result. You need a design and a plan some may even say “If you fail to plan then you have a plan to fail.” This is probably the biggest difference between buying your kitchen or bathroom cabinets at a big-box outlet.

At KBC Direct we help you with all aspects of your kitchen or bathroom design and then help you define a plan that leads to the best result.

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