Designing a Sustainable Kitchen

Earth Day–Invest In Our Planet

We can all do something to help protect our planet and its climate. As designers, it is important to consider how to be environmentally friendly. Believe it or not, designing sustainable kitchens can create jobs, build a green consumer market, and help the climate crisis.

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Create Your Color Palette

It is hard to imagine a world without color. Color is powerful! It heightens our senses and shapes how we relate to the world. It affects our mood, captures our attention, and can even cause alarm. Our brain assigns colors to everything we see and through this builds the framework for our memories and life experiences.

Many of these memories and experiences are created in the kitchen—the heart and hub of the home. It is where we begin our day, break bread with family and friends, and it’s where our children study. Given the significance of this gathering place, it seems likely the colors used to decorate this well-used and loved space should be both energizing and easy to live with.

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