Kitchen Sink Selection

Selecting A Kitchen Sink

Selecting a Kitchen Sink - Kitchen Design

Every kitchen needs a sink and faucet—some may need two!

When selecting a kitchen sink for your new kitchen it is essential to select a sink and faucet that will work well, look great, and withstand years of daily use.

Your kitchen sink may be the hardest working fixture in your kitchen. Pause for a moment and think about how many times per day you use your current sink. Compare that to the number of times you use your oven or the microwave.

With the kitchen’s evolution into the home’s multi-functional hub of activity, sinks have had to keep up as well. The result is a vast array of wonderful choices involving everything from sink materials to sink bowl configuration.

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Kitchen Design Color For 2018

Kitchen Design Trends

Ultra Violet Wins Color of the Year–2018

Kitchen Design Trends

Different colors have different meanings and they promote different feelings. Some are relaxing colors and promote calmness. Others are more aggressive and promote action. The color purple is unique in that it combines the fierce energy of red and the calm stability of blue. The fact that Pantone has chosen Ultra Violet for its color of the year is very exciting for Kitchen and Bath Creations–it can be a great color choice for either the kitchen or the bathroom!

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The Kitchen is a Star on Saint Valentine’s Day

Saint Valentine’s Day in the Kitchen

Special Recipes for Valentine's Day

The legend of Saint Valentine is complicated by the fact that it’s made up of several differing accounts. The Roman Catholic Church recognizes Saint Valentine as a real person who died in the third century in Rome.

By this account, Valentine was a priest who defied emperor Rome – Claudius II. Claudius decided that unattached men made for better soldiers than those with families and wives and thus forbade them to marry.

However, Valentine defied the emperor’s wishes and secretly continued to marry young men and women. We remember Saint Valentine each February as a special day for people who are in love. It has become a well recognized romantic holiday.

To help create that romantic mood here are some special recipes for Valentine’s Day that you can prepare easily to help make the day enjoyable and romantic. The kitchen is the perfect place to start and our recipes contain some ingredients considered for centuries to be aphrodisiacs.

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